"As Is"

by Tyagaraja

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The whole purpose of this album is to just "let it be." The title of the EP "As Is" refers to the recording style. These tracks are recorded just as it would be sitting in a room listening to Tyagaraja work his magic. Just Tyaga, his songs, and a little reverb goes a long way...


released August 25, 2012

recorded and mixed by Josh Applebee at Chateau Sur La Hill
written, composed and performed by Tyagaraja



all rights reserved


Tyagaraja Houston, Texas

Tyagaraja is a dynamic and inspirational artist, singer, songwriter and visionary. His live performances are transcendental experiences leaving the participant with complete sensory overload. Tyaga has been given his name by his South Indian teacher and uses his travels, philosophy and emotion in each and every song, performance, and interaction in the world... ... more

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Track Name: Bombay Blues
We've come here from across the world
opening our hearts to reveal a pearl
may it give to us as we knew that it would
we've come all this way, oh the prices we've paid

and slow but surely it comes
sometimes your dreams can be your burden

No time to rest even for a while
the beat of the drum is like time going by
and I know full well that we've got so much to give
and that's why we've come here to Mother Orient

and I cry from the deepest place I know
may the beauty of this land guide me which way to go
you've brought me here and I've bared my soul
oh comfort me and hold me close
Track Name: End of Time
I couldn't tell you
what's better for us now
the closer we get the further we climb
there's no way to tell if I'm just out of my mind

The road seems wiry but I just won't let it go

Forward to the end of time
no one left to hear our cry
it's our last chance to get it right
so put your human hand in mine

Could this really be?
Have I found my peace?
or am I just crazy the way God made me
is all that's around me worth saving?
Track Name: High Beings
Let me see your eyes
they're so high
let me touch your hands
they're so high
i'll become you
and i'm so high
you'll be come me
and I'm so high
we now are one and we're so high
Track Name: The Storm
The lights go down but it's just the shade of the storm
the real beast is moving in
It's jaws are wind that will rip apart and flip about
and challenge your sense of fear

Go on and change
even though your heart is scared it's the only outlet
strongly carry on
when the pieces of you die you have more to offer
as only I would
as only I would

The force of wind seems to pull you from
the solid ground your strong mind holds on to
one day you will see that we are all effected by these challenges
and then you become freed
Track Name: We Will Meet Again
Hold the answers in your hand now
I read this to all of my friends
i need to know just what it says

for sure you'll be moved

All it really says is to love all
we all want someone who cares and understands

I knew it'd be you

You really feel it
I knew you'd understand
You grew up with me
you we're my only friend
I hold you there
would never give you up
would never give you up

Part of a small piece of this world is
one day we all just have to let go and maybe even say goodbye
but you never do

You stay here with me
your spirit expands
your growing with me
we will meet again
I know we will
Yes we'll meet again